4K People Solutions

People Solutions teams’ understanding of your business needs and the culture of your organisation enabled usto provide you with high calibre workers that could live up to your desired standard.
The number of companies that outsource critical business processes to outside suppliers has been growing significantly worldwide. You can consider to outsource some of your services – activities including Technology, IT, Planning, Finance and Accounting, Human resource management, Procurement . Although many organizations initiated business process outsourcing as part of an effort to reduce costs or acquire new skills, it has since evolved into much more. Innovation won’t happen unless clients and providers implement a comprehensive process that combines acculturation across different organizations, an engaging method for generating ideas, adequate funding and a system for managing change. Perhaps the most significant factor in our approach of innovation, we constantly persuade the right people to drive the dynamic innovation process. An effective leadership pair – one person from the client organization and another person from the 4K- goes a long way toward invigorating the innovation process. In high-performing outsourcing relationships, the leaders are experienced and capable, with high levels of credibility, clout and power within their own organizations. 
We take the time to fully understand your requirements before using extensive skill matching and testing to find the right technical people.
Tech and HR are coming together in the world of work , with our ownership of cross-training culture 4K helps you to creat  a mobile and reactive workforce to address change in the business environment. 4K guides people to get a lot of exposure and allows people to have more knowledge, insights and resources to control their own career journey. 
Managed Services
We offer a Managed Service solution to deliver all of your contingency requirement needs. Our true partnership approach helps us become an integral part of your business and we’ve developed beneficial, long standing relationships culture in our business approach for followings:
– Network Management
– Sales and Marketing Initiatives
– Payroll Management 
– HR Audit 
– Benchmarking Research Survey
– HR Exit Management